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Texas Division
Children of the Confederacy®

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Texas Division C of C Events
Texas Division C of C President's Project

2016-2018 Texas Division C of C Officers

President Connell Gutierrez
Vice President Jacob Leenhouts
Second Vice President Clark Smith
Third Vice President Savannah Mims
Recording Secretary Mellie Smith
Treasurer Zachary Shepeard
Historian Taylor Gunter
Chaplin Caroline Leenhouts
Custodian Naomi Hayley
Director Ann Gutierrez

Texas Division CofC Chapters

Austin Calvin Crozier 13 Joyce Jarmin
Bryan Mollie Parker 23 Doris Emshoff
Beaumont Davis Guard 975 Emily Allen
Burkeville Newton Dreadnaughts 970 Patty Haley
Columbus Colonel Charles W. Tait 669 Millycent Cordes
Dallas Dallas 2 Kathryn Beck
Dripping Springs Magnolia Rangers 927 Ann Gutierrez
Euless Nicola Marschall 757 Renee Trosper-Jones
Houston Winnie Davis 12 Betty Mann
Houston Lee's Traveller 957 Jennifer Salge
Humble Major George W. Durant 935 Anna Shepeard
Marshall Marshall Generals 953 Kay Hilburn
Pasadena Captain Green B. Duncan 798 D'Andra Smith
Plano Hilda Kelley Bell 896 Paula Rosselet
Tyler Colonel Rip Ford Rangers 608 Susan Newman
Victoria Genevieve Stevenson 604 Susan Purcell
Wallisville Moss Bluff Rebels 965 Kathy Loggins
The General Organization of the Children of the Confederacy® (CofC) is divided into state organizations called Divisions. The Texas Division of the CofC has chapters in the following locations. If you would like information about any of these chapters, please contact the Texas Division CofC Director, Ann Gutierrez.


Those eligible for active membership are boys and girls from birth to the Annual General CofC Convention after their 18th birthday who are blood descendants, lineal or collateral, of men and women who served honorably in the Confederate Army, Navy, or Civil Service, or gave material aid to the Cause or those who are lineal or collateral descendants of members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy whose papers are acceptable by the present requirements for membership. Adopted children are not eligible for membership by virtue of the adoptive parents' bloodline, but solely by virtue of the natural or biological parents.


Because we desire to perpetuate, in love and honor, the heroic deeds of those who enlisted in the Confederate Services, and upheld its flag through four years of war, we, the children of the South, have united in an Organization called the "Children of the Confederacy," in which our strength, enthusiasm and love of justice can exert its influence. We, therefore pledge ourselves to preserve pure ideals; to honor the memory of our beloved Veterans; to study and teach the truths of history (one of the most important of which is, that the War Between the States was not a rebellion, nor was its underlying cause to sustain slavery) and always to act in a manner that will reflect honor upon our noble and patriotic ancestors.

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