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Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy®

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Committee Chairmen

Committee Chairman
2017 Texas Division Convention Sandy Barsun
2018 Texas Division Convention Diane Dyess
Annual Reports Dickie Gerig
Benevolent Activities Louann Rubel
Business Office Margaret Daniel
Bylaws Margaret Charlesworth
Children of the Confederacy Ann Gutierrez
Correct Use of Confederate Flag Glenda Mounger
Courtesy tba
Credentials Betty Crosby
Division Newsletter (Battle Cry) Vanessa Burzynski
Education Barbara Slover
Endowment/Gift Giving Joan Lawrence
Finance Betty Abdo
Financial Review Susan Sager
Flag Procession Diane Dyess
Forum Carolyn Gully
Grave Markers Sara Beene
Haley Library Joan Cobb
Heritage Preservation Hazel Meaux
Internet Communications Sandra Giarrusso
Jefferson Davis Highway Karen Pieroni
Judah P. Benjamin Award Maxine Herbst
Marshals and Pages Charleen "Charlie" Mullenweg
Membership Sandi Sprawls
Membership Database Karen Esberger
Memorial Building Furnishings Judy Bernard
Meritorious Service Award Melinda Houston
Monuments and Memorial Markers Gina Smith
Mrs. Norman V. Randolph Relief Fund Sandy Barsun
Music of the Confederacy Beverly Plante
New Business tba
Organization of New Chapters Shirley Buehler
Patriotic Activities Gwen Goldsberry
Pioneers in Space Award Debra Hamman
Preservation of Records of Historic Sites Sara Beene
President's Special Project Debra Hamman
Protection of Monuments and Markers Louann Rubel
Public Relations Janelda Cook
Radio and Television Judy Flowers
Record Retention Policy Kathy Hillman
Records of Internments of Confederate Veterans Pat Marburger
Scrapbook Deborah Anderson
Southern Cross of Honor Nancy Brown
Southern Literature and Arts Katherine Gann
Southern Sales Sherry Cavanaugh
Texas Belles Choir Nancy Brantley
Texas Confederate Heroes Day Paula Patterson
Textbook Anna Shepeard
Timekeepers tba
UDC Magazine News Mary June Goodson
UDC Magazine Subscriptions Betty Mann
Verifying Committee tba
Veteran's History Project Dolly Rasco
Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services Pat Webb
Website Communications Charleen "Charlie" Mullenweg

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