Price List for Grave Markers
These prices are effective as of November 2009

Guidelines for UDC and Confederate Grave Markers
Grave Marker Authorization Form

For UDC Members


4" UDC Marker $75.00
7" UDC Marker $95.00 
Comes with lugs for mounting against stone (4" or 7") 
or 19" stake for mounting upright. (7" only)

Order Form:

Make all checks payable to "Treasurer General UDC"

For Real Daughters


Real Daughter Marker (UDC Member) $170.00 
Real Daughter Marker (Non-UDC Member) $95.00

Order Form:

Make all checks payable to "Treasurer General UDC"

All orders must be certified through the business office. Please do not purchase grave markers through cemetery catalogs. Our insignia is patented and cannot be reproduced without permission. Markers may be ordered at any time for living or deceased members.  Inflation will continue to increase the cost so order yours now! For more information visit

For the Confederate Soldier


These markers are free from the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs. These come in flat or upright styles. The flat markers are available in granite, marble or bronze. The upright markers are available in marble or granite. To request this special style select the appropriate box in block 11 for upright marble (U) or upright granite (V) and write the words “special style - confederate” in block 11. These markers are for unmarked graves only.  There must not already be a marker in place with or without service information. Complete and accurate proof of Confederate military service is required and shipment will be made to the cemetery for installation. The expense of installation is the responsibility of the person ordering the marker.

Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20420

VA Government Marker Information  

VA Government Marker Order Form

Iron Crosses may be ordered through

Smith Brothers, Inc.
P.O. Box 986
Moultrie, Georgia 31776
Voice 229-985-3515
Fax    229-890-2955

Cost is $124 (includes $22.00 shipping/handling) Shipped by UPS (no PO box addresses, please.)

The Confederate Grave Marker Was Patterned After The Design On The Southern Cross Of Honor Medals. The Front Of The Markers Are The Dates 1861 and 1865, Which Represent The Beginning And Ending Of The War Between The States.  Also On The Front You Will Read Deo Vindice Which Is Latin For "God Is Our Vindicator" or "Vindicated By God" On The Back Are The Letters C.S.A. Meaning The Confederate States Of America. The Grave Markers Are 11" by 11" and an 18" stake is included.  The Marker Is Powder Coated Black And Is Constructed Of Cast Iron. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.